Offers are rewarded

At Nafis Nakh, we believe that the best way to manage an organization is to run it with collective wisdom. Each employee should have the opportunity to influence the product and present their idea. Ideas that are usually to save more in the production process.  In addition to the benefits of doing this for Nafis Nakh.

it also increases the team spirit and the sense of belonging of the employees. The The Nafis Nakh Suggestions System  has been created based on this approach since 2005.

So far, more than 36,000 proposals have been received from employees and about 25% of them were approved and implemented.

To encourage bidders, Nafis Nakh Company pays 8% of the savings amount as a reward to the designers, up to 50% of this reward to the executive colleagues and up to 20% of the offer reward to the sponsor. At Nafis Nakh Company, all stakeholders can receive end-of-year cash prizes in addition to rewarding their year-round offer in exchange for savings.