A righteous man who stablished the right foundation

“keep moving on , all closed doors will open up”

The above mentioned sentence is from Mohamad Ali Navid the founder of Nafis Nakh Company. A diligent and hopeful man who not only did find working as a way to earn a living but also a  way to impact, improve quality of life and create a better future for everyone.

Mohamad Ali Navid was born in Jun 1925. He began working since he was a teenager and never stopped till last days of his life. He was a man who always spoke calmly and respectfully as if hopelessness was a missing word in his vocabulary range! His hopefulness and distinct managerial skills would resolve most complications.

Mohamad Ali Navid believed that as far as running the business is concerned contributing in charities should be noted equally. Hence humanitarian activities were in high priority and he was dedicated to social responsibilities.