For weaving the future


At Nafis Nakh, we see the nature of our business as providing a way to make the world more livable. We believe that companies that have adopted sustainability as their development approach have moved on to better experience and, as a result, better quality solutions. However, it is impossible to grow a business with a sustainable approach, regardless of the planet and the sustainability of its resources. Especially when today’s human constantly grasps various resources to achieve a more comfortable and better life, without considering an end to them. That is why natural resources are increasingly declining, and climate change is one of the most critical concerns for environmentalists today.


In Nafis Nakh, we always try to shape our present by looking at the earth’s future. We also believe that businesses need sustainable ecosystems that can guarantee the earth’s sustainability for future generations. We consider it our “responsibility” to pass on the planet safely to future generations.


With such an approach, sustainability in the textile industry and the Nafis Nakh company is more focused on three main areas:


Control of effluents, wastes, and pollutants: One of the most critical measures of Nafis Nakh is the control of indicators such as COD (chemical oxygen demand) and BOD (biochemical oxygen demand) of waste. Measures are also being taken to control exhaust emissions from the company’s power plants and facilities.


Energy Management: To manage energy, Nafis Nakh has put the SFC index on its monthly agenda.


Production of environmentally friendly products: Antibacterial yarns and flame retardant yarns are among the Nafis Nakh products that are environment-friendly.


Promoting the culture of environmental protection: Nafis Nakh has implemented voluntary executive programs to spread the culture of environmental protection.

Nafis Nakh also obtained the ISO14001 standard certificate for environmental protection and development in 2015.


Sustainability in the workspace

Nafis Nakh has made creating a safe work environment a priority for the sustainability of its workspace. For example, measures have been taken for the health and safety of employees. Nafis Nakh also sees its values ​​in the importance of teamwork, adherence to high ethical standards, trust, flexibility, and honesty.


The physical space of the workplace is also designed to respect and amplify the importance of the environment. For example, 20% of the factory area is green space, which is considered an environment-friendly and very effective action in creating a dynamic work environment.


At Nafis Nakh, we believe it’s impossible to define a business with environmental protection and land sustainability while neglecting to implement this approach in the workplace. Having an influence in the country’s textile industry and its development (which is one of the most important goals of Nafis Nakh) occurs in such circumstances—conditions where one could hope for better earth for future generations.