In Nafis Nakh we not only evaluate our products standards with national and international criteria but only with our customers and company parameters.

Parameters that are sometimes more difficult and rigorous, but play an important role in delivering high quality product.

All laboratory tests in Nafis Nakh are conducted constantly under the most up-to-date and precise measurements.

What kind of tests do we run?

Basic test: before mass production of the products, we choose a small sample based on testing tables and we test that.

If the sample passes the test it will get the license for mass production.

Routine tests: we carry out  the routine test when the product is in the mass production step.

The routine test is  carried out  randomly on products that they are being produced.

In each working shift, samples are gathered from all production lines and their physical characteristics are evaluated with desirable parameters.

If even one of the sample parameters does not match, the problems are checked and the non-compliant product defects are fixed.

What parameters do we evaluate for our products?

Yarn Count (Denier): Mass divided by length with the unit of Denier and it’s measured automatically using Wrap Reel ACW 400.

Yarn Elongation and Strength: That is, the resistance of the yarn to breaking  which is measured automatically by using the machine SIMA 500.

Yarn color quality: sometimes it’s difficult to differentiate between the colors in one product with naked eyes; color quality control means making the same color for the whole product. This is measured by using a machine called DATA COLOR.

Yarn Shrinkage: it is measured by TEXTURMAT