Today, consumers demand home textiles and clothing with features in addition to their basic features such as beauty preservation, UV protection and skin and beauty care. Home textiles include kind of blankets, duvets, upholstery Fabric and curtains, bedspreads, cover pillows, mattresses, towels, tablecloths, rugs and carpets.

Some of the important properties of home textiles are waterproof properties, self-cleaning, absorption of ultraviolet rays, slow burning  flame retardancy, abrasion and high light fastness.

In the field of home textile production, it is very important to create a soft and feather state in goods made of fine fibers, especially sleeping goods. Therefore, this area is also the most important market for the consumption of hollow fibers. Of course, increasing the level of hollow fibers in these applications will have other effects such as higher elasticity of manufactured goods.

Home textiles and furniture industry are also one of the largest markets for this type of technical textiles, and the desire of consumers of home textiles to be comfortable and use textiles with easy usability is a great opportunity for manufacturers of this type of products.

Nafis Nakh Company, in addition to producing products with the mentioned standards, has also provided the possibility of receiving technical advice consultation for choosing yarn for customers.