Nafis Nakh Company is located in Lia Industrial city that’s 14 kilometers away from Qazvin city on Boein Zahra road. The company was founded in 1999 in a 33000 m² land with 21000 m² infrastructures. The company gradually developed and currently it’s area is over 52000 m².

Our goal in Nafis Nakh is producing  various high-quality products. Hence wavers and downstream industries that are our main customers can achieve manufacturing high-quality goods. Customer satisfaction which is an important managerial principle in Nafis Nakh has been fulfilled constantly through specific management system implementation, customer feedback system, ESM, BSM and CSM. We have utilized management systems like business process management, assessment and development centers.

Nafis Nakh has currently created over 600 job vacancies and we  always pursue hiring highly skilled staffs and experts though working atmosphere is maintained cooperative all the time. Hence this flexibility and dynamic atmosphere  has lead to delivering top notch products like polyester filament yarns to our customers.

Here you can see different types of products at Nafis Nakh

  • POY ( Partially Oriented Yarn)
  • DTY ( Polyester drawn textured yarn)
  • ATY (air textured yarn)
  • FDY (Fully Drawn Yarn)
  • TFO (Twisted Yarn)

The raw materials used in the company are polyester chips based on PET, PBT and PTT and are available in matte and semi-matte  which can produce specific qualities for the consumers.