More than 90% of filament polyester yarns in the world  are used in clothing textile factories and that’s why their usage tendency is growing rapidly.

In any production and application that  yarn and fabric plays a crucial role, the importance of selecting proper yarn dramatically influences the quality and function of final product.

One of the advantages of this company is productions with vast scope and variety.

The experts at Nafis Nakh Company have achieved a great success in supplying local companies with yarns produced by the latest technology in the world, and also we have introduced yarns with the unique characteristics and usages to the market for the first time.

In clothing industry there are several factors to be considered such as: variety in color and weave, material, air permeability and comfort which can be achieved by using filament polyester yarns.

The fully stretched, twisted and heat sated yarns that are produced at this company regarding their count yarn and number of filament are so various and can be used in majority of the fabrics and textiles like: worsted fabrics, knitted fabrics, sports wear, women’s evening  gowns, home textiles and underwear.

These yarns can be a good replacement for natural yarns like cotton, wool and silk meanwhile have characteristics of  synthetic yarns such as  Acrylic,  Nylon and Viscose.