Choosing the proper floor covering is one of the most important elements of interior decoration. Flooring has a great effect on the overall spirit of the space, therefore, its selection requires great care. When choosing and buying the proper floor covering, some factors such as: personal taste, price, fire resistance, material and sub-material, design and color are influential.

Factors such as beauty, comfort walking, safety, sound and heat comfort, durability and longevity of fibers can be changed by improving the physical and mechanical properties of the fibers used in carpets, and to control the Pile strength in flooring, changes in physical and mechanical properties of used fibers will definitely be effective.

In recent years, due to the entry of polyester into the machine-made carpet and tufting industry carpet, many filament yarn producers have started to produce yarns with special specifications and features required by this industry. Nafis Nakh Company is one of the leading companies in the field of yarn production for carpets and floor covering. A wide variety of colors and the ability to produce special color and features for customers producers of carpets, rugs, floor covering and embossed carpets and improving the reversibility of polyester carpet yarn, are other features of this company.