TFY (Twisted Yarn)

On twisting hall, different types of yarns, including DTY, FDY, SDY, ITY and ATY, are twisted as single or ply yarns, depending on the customer’s order. Twisting is done by using several different technologies, which result in threads with different counts, twist and weight classes according to the customer’s requirements.

What are its features?

Count:  50 to 6000 Denier

Weight class: 1.5 and 3 kg for single-twisted yarns, 6 kg for ply-twisted yarns

Brightness: Semi-dull, bright, super bright

Twist per meter: 100 to 3000 per meter for single-twisted yarns, 100 to 1000 twist per meter for ply-twisted yarns

What are its uses?

Home textile: Such as curtain and upholstery fabric, shaggy carpets, sewing yarns and embroidery yarns.

Clothing: Such as scarves, tent and crepe fabrics, semi-worsted fabrics

Special TFYs:

Due to the various technologies available at Nafis Nakh company, it is possible to produce a variety of fancy twisted yarns, high shrinkage or with high twist   for special purposes.


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