FDY (Fully Drawn Yarn)

This yarn is produced by applying tension to the POY in single or two stages, that each of them creates different features in the final product. POY is a raw material for twisted yarn production and is used directly on weaving.

What features does it have?

Count: 75 to 1000 Denier

Weight class: 9 to 14 kg

Brightness: Semi-dull, bright, super bright

Color: A wide variety of colors with a different brightness, self-colored

Number of filaments: 24 to 432, which varies according to yarn count.

What are its uses?

Home textiles: Such as upholstery fabric, curtains, scarves, sewing and embroidery threads, Raschel blankets

Clothing: made of weaving, knitting and velvet fabrics.

Industrial and general uses: Such as woven and velvet upholstery fabrics

Special FDYs:

Yarn with shrinkage is low or high, melange and high strength, cationic yarns, antibacterial, cool, crystalline and flame retardant.


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