ATY (Air Textured Yarn)

ATY is textured with compressed air. Its purpose is to simulate the appearance of this yarn with a variety of spun yarns of cotton, wool and acrylic.

What are its features?

Count: 300 to 3000 Denier with a variety of effects

 Brightness: Semi-dull, Bright, Super Bright

Color: A wide variety of colors with a different brightness, self-colored, as well as six-color Mouline Yarn

Number of filaments: 96 to 1152, which varies according to yarn count.

What are its uses?

 Home textiles: Such as special curtains, zebra, fancy, upholstery Fabric, carpet

Industrial and general uses: in a variety of knitted fabrics, light Weight blankets, industrial tents, woven  upholstery, geotextiles and hoses.

Clothing: Clothing, made of weaving and knitting fabrics

Special ATYs:

Warp, weft and High-Bulk pile of carpet (FCG and MCG) and ordinary, high strength, high and low shrinkage, fancy, lycra, cationic, HR, Cool, anti-bacterial and flame retardant yarns.

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