DTY (Drawn Textured Yarn )

DTY is the result of a finishing texturing process using the friction disk method on POY which is obtained by changing the appearance characteristics. The main purpose of these steps is to acquire physical and appearance characteristics more similar to natural yarns. DTY is produced in two forms, intermingle, with various or simple strengths, depending on the product it uses.

What are its features?

Count: 75 to 1600 Denier  with various intermingles

Brightness: Semi-dull, Bright, and Super Bright

Color: A wide variety of colors with optical stability, washing stability and sublimation, in the form of self-color

Number of filaments: 24 to 1152, which varies according to the yarn count.

What are its uses?

Home textiles, such as various types of curtains, rumble, rugs, carpet and Raschel blankets

Garment, with tarpaulin, round weave and velvet fabrics [Garment, made of Weaving, Knitting and Velvet Fabrics]

Industrial and common uses, such as Weaving, Knitting and Velvet upholstery, Medical uses

Specific DTYs:

Yarn with low shrinkage, or high shrinkage, Lycra, Melange and High-Bulk, Cationic, HR, cool, antibacterial and refractory yarns


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