Cationic Yarn

Cationic yarn has a different structure from regular  polyester. It also has the ability to dye with cationic dye, which results in high color depth. This type of polyester can be dyed at temperatures below 100 degrees, without the use of carriers.

What are its uses?

Cationic yarn is produced and consumed in a variety of filament yarns and a variety of woven and knitted fabrics. And it is usually used in fabrics such as clothes, curtains and upholstery.

What are the benefits?

Delicate and easier dyeing: Some fabrics that are more delicate than others can dye well with cationic yarn. Such as fabrics of wool, silk, acrylic and elastomeric fibers, this normally cannot be dyed at 130 degrees.

More diverse dyeing: Fabrics that have both cationic yarn and regular yarn are dyed in two ways: two- phase (with cationic and dispersion dye) and single-phase (with special and rare color effects).

Lower cost: Cationic yarn is dyed at a lower temperature than regular polyester.

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